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ISK Recipe Book

Intermediate School Recipe Book

Do you have a favourite recipe? A ‘go-to’ or ‘failsafe’ recipe? A signature dish? Is there a recipe in

your family for generations? If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are reaching out to all members of the ISK school community – students, staff, parents and past

students. We invite you to get involved in producing a collection of favourite recipes of the ISK

community. This is open to all.

We are looking for recipes for dishes from the following areas:

• Breakfasts

• Lunches (sandwiches, soups, salads)

• Main course dishes

• Desserts

• Home Baking

• Vegetarian

• ‘Free from’

• International

A recipe template is available HERE

We invite you to input details of recipes (ingredients, method, etc), together with a photo of the dish

(possibly with the cook!)

Please provide a short account of the background to the recipe, for example, why you like it; where

you got it; when you make it; why it is important to you, etc.

We also welcome contributions from local food business which have links to the school.

Furthermore, Ms Power in the Art department will be seeking artistic input for the layout and design

of the book.

It is planned to produce this book for Christmas and to sell it as a fundraiser for the school.

So, don’t delay. Dust off those cookery books and start thinking how you can contribute to this

exciting project!

The closing date for submissions is October 10th, 2023.