Ethos and Mission Statement

The Intermediate School, Killorglin is a lay Catholic School under Unitary Management. The School is open to all young people acknowledging their different beliefs.

The School wishes to educate its pupils, in happy and pleasant surroundings and to achieve their potential, to develop their talents, to strive for excellence and to search for truth.

The pupils will learn to appreciate loyalty to their families, to School, to Country and to God and in learning this will understand service to their fellow human beings and to their community.

Pupils will always be encouraged to enjoy leisure in life, to participate in sport, in creative activities, to be inventive and to be generous with their talents.

The policy of the Intermediate School is to create equality of opportunity for both girls and boys. This aspiration of equality is applied in the choice and range of subjects, in educational trips and in social activities.

The School strives to create an atmosphere, which enables the young people to relate to one another in a way which is characterised by mutual respect.

The aim of the School is to produce a concerned Christian who is conscious of his dignity as a person, is familiar with his heritage and is equipped to take his place in his own environment.

The School also aims to foster a sense of community between teachers and pupils, a strong work ethic, a feeling of comradeship, a sense of dedication, help, encouragement and conviviality.

The School encourages pride and enthusiasm in our Irish background, a love of country and its tradition and to realise that they are members of a larger world.

All these elements are bonded together by a strong School dedication to its Catholic Christian idea.