Green Flag

The purpose of Green Schools is to promote awareness within the school of what we can do to improve our school environment and that of the wider community, with particular emphasis on recycling and cutting down on waste. 

Green Schools Committee 

The Green Schools committee has been up and running for a number of years now. We have a Green School’s Officer who assists staff and students in all Greens Schools related activities. We have a notice board on the school corridor which contains all new information and projects.  

Green Schools Flags 

We currently have four flags:

  • Litter and Waste
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Travel

We are currently working towards our fifth flag which is related to Biodiversity. 

Travel Flag

 ISK received their Travel Flag in 2022. The work carried out to receive the Travel Flag was to promote alternative means of travelling to school. Initiatives included: 

  • Installed a covered bike rack
  • The promotion of alternatives to private transport 
  • Promoted walking and cycling to school within the school community and extended our efforts to the local community

Previous Flags (Litter and Waste 2016, Energy 2018 and Water 2020) 

Since participating in the Green Schools Initiative, we have enforced the following:

  • Bins are categorised into the following headings: All Plastics, Glass bottles, Recycling, General Waste and Compost bin
  • Bins in each classroom
  • We strive to recycle everything we can
  • Changed syphons on toilets which gave out less water 
  •  A Water-butt to store and re-use rainwater
  • Taps now releasing less water. 
  • Water bills are analysed on a regular basis
  • Reporting of leaks is more frequent

Green Schools Officers:

The following Students have held the role of Green Schools Officer: 

Anthony O’Connor (2014- 2016) 

  • James Doyle (2016-2018) 
  • Cormac Daly (2018-2022) 
  • Oran McCann (Present)