Guidance Services

ISK Guidance Plan

The function of the  Guidance service in the ISK is to assist students to make informed choices about their lives in the personal, educational and career areas. While much of the Guidance Programme is delivered through class contact time with students, individual counselling, which may include personal counselling, educational counselling, career counselling, or a combination of these, is a very important element of the programme. The objectives of the Guidance Programme are:

  • To help students develop an awareness and acceptance of their strengths, talents and abilities
  • To facilitate students in identifying and exploring opportunities
  • To enable students to grow in independence and take responsibility for themselves
  • To help students make informed choices about their lives and to follow through on these choices

There are various Guidance related activities and programmes for all students including:

  • First Years – Wellbeing is timetabled once a week to all first year students. Mentoring Programme & a Study Skills Seminar
  • Second Year – Anti-Bullying Work Shop, Mental Health
  • Third Years – CATs (Cognititve Assessment Tests) & Subject Choice Advice Sessions
  • Transition Year – One to One Guidance, Work Experience, Career Choices, Careers Fair.
  • Fifth Year – One  to  One,Guidance,  Career Choices, Work Experience, Careers Fair.
  • Sixth Year – , One to One & Grooup Advice on Course Choice, College Open Days,  Guest Speakers
  • Counselling is available to ALL students

Advice for Students Who Have Completed the Leaving Cert

Now that you have completed your Leaving Cert – what next? Click on this link for some useful advice: The Leaving Cert Results are Out – What Now – igc