We are very proud of all our students in the ISK, past & present. Parents & grandparents also play an invaluable role in our community and below are some comments from each group.

 Erica Fox- Past Pupil

“I absolutely loved my time in the ISK. It’s a school which I can thank for showing me that hard work gets you to wherever you want to go. From academics to sports, I was always encouraged to go the extra mile and I’m forever grateful for the 5 years I spent there surrounded by positive, encouraging and inspiring people. Sport played a huge part in my time at the ISK and it not only taught me how to be a good team-player but it also taught me the value of dedication. I played football all throughout my school years (even when I was in the thick of the leaving cert) and so it definitely proved to me that you CAN do it all.  I learned many life lessons at the ISK and I couldn’t recommend my experience there enough!”

Muiris Crowley – Past Pupil

“I knew I was in the right place when I walked through the front door of the school and the first thing I saw was a beautiful Grand Piano

“I can remember days where I would finish School Football Training and go straight to practice for the School’s Concert, no need to warm up the voice then”

“It’s a place where your teacher will teach you Maths and an hour later will accompany you on the Piano as you sing

“The whole architecture of the school is designed like Shakespeare’s Globe, we like to call it ‘The Well’, and the halls are filled with poets & artists”

Brendan Griffin TD – Past Pupil

The Intermediate School Killorglin gave me a great start in life by providing a well-rounded education that focused on personal development in parallel to academic achievement. My progression into political life was helped enormously by the experience I got in debating and public speaking at the ISK, just some of the broad range of skills on offer there. I am always impressed by the constant investment and development of facilities at the school whenever I visit.



Peter Crowley – Past Pupil

“From my first day walking into the ISK until my last I encountered an environment that was varied, challenging and supportive, perfect for any young student to learn. My time spent in the school played a key role in shaping the person I am today and I can’t understate just how much of a positive influence my time in the school had on me from a sporting, academic and most importantly personal perspective. The craic was good as well!”





‘What I appreciate most about the Intermediate School Killorglin is the amount of opportunities that opened up to me when I walked through the doors, including the wide choice of subjects and the range of extra-curricular activities. Teachers are always ready and willing to do their utmost to help me and this has allowed me to reach my full potential as a student.  Student


‘The Intermediate School provides a cosmopolitan education in rural Kerry, inspiring its students to lift their eyes and their aspirations beyond the local to embrace a wider world with limitless horizons. All students are welcome in the school.  There is an ethos of care and understanding for each one, together with encouragement and guidance to reach his/her full potential. The rich innovative and inclusive curriculum, incorporating the humanities, the arts, the sciences, business studies and sports, facilitates the development of the all-rounded young adult with a quiet self-confidence, ready to face the world.’ Mary Clifford – parent & grandparent


I chose the Intermediate School Killorglin as I rightly believed it would the place where my academic and sporting activities could thrive. I had already trained in the Dragon’s Den every weekend, so I was very familiar with my surroundings. When I asked past pupils and parents about the school, I was met with words such as ‘fantastic and inspiring’. One past pupil said he never wanted to leave; now I understand his feeling! From day one the teachers were understanding, warm, helpful, kind, considerate, friendly, personal and open.  No wonder the atmosphere is buzzing.’   2nd year pupil


You always worry when your children travel new paths but it was obvious from an early stage that there was little to fear when they started at the ISK. Discipline was the building block upon which respect was fostered and this, to quote my eldest, ultimately helped make the Intermediate School “a very happy place”.

From the very beginning, fun events are incorporated into the academic year. Climbing Seefin was one of the first challenges for the young teenagers and visits too to Cappanalea offered a welcome change from the classroom.

A wide variety of subjects provided an opportunity to explore so many areas of interest, music being one example, something I took particular delight in as the house was filled with endless melodies. That passion for music was instilled by the teachers and the promotion of traditional music allowed a variety of musicians to get together and friendships ensued. Recitals in ‘The Well’ were also treasured memories and their popularity testament to the confidence instilled by the teaching staff.

Sports too were well catered for with great input from teachers who cultivated teamwork as well as individuality within the class room walls and beyond. From my kids’ perspective, they were delighted that visits to athletics and cross-country events were encouraged with dedicated training after-school, while the school was passionate about football, rugby and hockey too.

Public speaking and debating gave my kids the chance to participate – or simply listen to opinions – and this further embellished the student experience.

One of the highlights of their tenure was the 4th Year visit to Paris – they were given the freedom to travel the Metro, galleries were visited and the wonderful architecture of the city observed.

All through school my kids were reminded of people less fortunate and the importance of giving. It’s all thanks to the standard of teaching which I found to be exceptional over all these years.

The ISK is a large family with great role models and this allows the young person to develop and learn skills that will endure. I can certainly vouch for that.