The Parents Association of the Intermediate School Killorglin exists to promote and foster co-operation between school and home. We encourage parents’ participation in an advisory capacity in relation to the school and we try to support the educational and welfare interests of all students. In so far as it is possible, we aim to be a support to the school in any activity we can.


Whilst we are concerned for all students welfare we should clarify; concerns relating to individual students or parents are not the remit of the association. These must be resolved between the individual student and/or parent and the school.

If you wish to contact the association to offer support or suggest ideas as to how we can achieve our aims, please contact any of the committee members directly or through the school office.

The association meets once a month (or more frequently if required) and discuss relevant issues affecting parents and bring these to the attention of the school. We also help fundraise at various events to the help the school provide the best facilities for our children.

Parents Constitution