As part of this year’s winter Arts festival we are delighted to welcome Santa Ignace to perform in the school.

Time : 7,30 pm

Date : Friday 1st December

Price : €15 and €12 concessions

Reservations : 0872621525 (Special offers for groups of 10 or more )

Programme : Godowsky ‘Passacglia’

Beethoven ‘Moonlight Sonata’

Liszt : ‘Mephisto Waltz No.1’’

A passionate and powerful performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, at ISK, Killorglin is promised by international pianist Santa Ignace, on December 1st, to ring in the celebratory spirit of the season of Christmas.

For Concert Pianist Santa this year has started full of surprises and opportunities. She was welcomed back to lecture at CIT, Cork School of Music and also, for the first time, at The Royal Conservatory of Scotland, Glasgow, which is rated as the third best music conservatory in Europe. Besides teaching and performing, this year Santa was selected to take part in a very special Female Conducting Programme at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, to study with some of the best conductors in Europe, including Alice Farnham and David Brophy.

Santa’s first influence was her father, who is a fantastic jazz pianist, clarinettist and saxophonist. He was a strict, yet gentle teacher, and taught her to love challenge. “’till this day I cannot decide what I love more – jazz or classical music”, says Santa.

Santa continues “As in any art form, it is important for a musician to be able to express freedom and artistry at the same time. It is my aim to share the passion, intensity and addiction in my performance, where it is a continuous relationship between tragedy and overexcitement which comes from specific sources of inspiration and experiences. In fact many great composers wrote such magical, surreal music – because of the tragedies in their personal lives. Creativity, innovation and fantasy are the keys for a piece to become alive. It is about daring to show your desires, longing, vulnerability and despair – all of the things that makes us suffer and succeed”

Santa feels that inspiration, based on lived experience, is possibly the most important ingredient in making the process of performing challenging, classical pieces exciting and provocative. “A positive or negative experience can both equally give you a powerful tool for inspiration – in fact, it is a fuel best used in a performance above all else, as it has transformed into adrenaline now. When one is endeavouring to channel music, often composed on the borders of sanity – it is pure enjoyment and satisfaction to perform it, especially if you can infuse your interpretation with the composer’s lived experience, historical context and your own innermost emotions and feelings. To me classical music is for those who love to put their wounds and rage into the spotlight, as well as their joy”.

Santa is also performing Leopold Godowsky’s Passacaglia, a composition which commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Franz Schubert, and is based on the opening theme of his ‘Unfinished Symphony’. “I discovered Godowski only a few years ago and fell in love instantly. He takes the music to the next level. It was the complexity and richness of harmony that drove me towards his music. One needs a real precision to approach some of his pieces, in fact Vladimir Horowitz, one of the most renowned pianists of all times, claimed that Godowski’s Passacglia is actually impossible to play.” Santa concludes “I love exaggeration in all aspects of life – including performance, which at the initial stage of learning a piece, can be truly enjoyable. Ivo Pogorelich did it with Rachmaninov’s Second Sonata which was completely opposite to everyone else’s interpretation – and I loved it!

Apart from teaching, performing and conducting Santa is also extremely excited to be collaborating with two film directors, over the next three months – Rudolfs Mikelsons, based in London, but from her native Latvia and Sinéad Keogh from Dublin, who Santa met at K Fest 2017. Future performances include concerts in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kenmare, Cork and Dublin and of course this concert on December 1st, in the ISK, Killorglin. Santa will finish the recital, on the magnificent ISK Steinway, with a dazzling rendition of Mephisto Waltz No.1 by Franz Liszt – a concert definitely not to be missed.

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